In an age of modern gurus, where being an influencer is an ambition of many and nearly all of us are curious about life hacks to improve our standard of living; there have never been more influential voices in our world.

Technology has meant that anyone with a phone, can record a message and distribute it globally. Whilst many gain a hearing because of their credentials, many gain a platform and speak on a whole range of topics because of personal success, abilities or good looks.

How many of these voices continue to be heard in a generations time is questionable. If any will have an influence on individuals or society in the next century is doubtful.

The voices that influence us are generally the ones that resonate with us. People who seem to identify with situations that we face, those with suggestions or ideas on how we should live. Those who are able to make us laugh, who give us a framework for life and offer hope.

Despite having access to more information that any other generation, few adults have spent any time listening to the words of Jesus. Jesus whose words have influenced individuals and societies for thousands of years.

Make some space to consider Jesus words for your life.