Life Workshops

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Life Workshops

The various seasons of our personal and work lives present particular pressures and opportunities. It’s great to be able to walk through these seasons with others, consider input from those who have thought intently about them, and hear from others who have recently navigated through them. 

In 2023 you can participate in life workshops in 2 ways:

         1)  3 x 90 minute online sessions split throughout the year

         2) 10 week personal reading and then 2 hour in person discussion 


Work – 

  • Pressure of work  

(Navigating the purpose, strain and complexity of your work environment)

Relationships –  

  • Friendship 

(Reflecting on what it means to develop, foster and sustain healthy friendships)

  • Marriage 

(An opportunity for couples to enrich their marriage or consider marriage)

Parenting – 

  • Raising kids in a sexual and gender fluid world