In an age of modern gurus, where being an influencer is an ambition of many and nearly all of us are curious about life hacks to improve our standard of living; there have never been more influential voices in our world. Technology has meant that anyone with a phone, can record a message and distribute […]


Portuguese Community What’s On at TJT Hi there, We are glad you’ve found us. We are a church community that loves Jesus and want to share that love with one another and the world. We have some Portugese speakers in our church family and we are all excited to meet new people.  Save the date […]

Sunday 10am

If you are looking for a church or interested in how church or Jesus might have a place in your life, then Sundays are a great time to drop by. Each Sunday will be a little bit different but you can expect that we will be: –  opening the bible;  – seeking to understand what […]

Read Luke

In your adult life have you ever looked at the historical accounts of Jesus life? Jesus is one of the most influential people to have ever lived.  Spend some time this year listening to Jesus words and hearing of his work. This year we are encouraging people to read Luke and discover Jesus. It’s always […]

Better Without Religion?

Would we we better off without religion? A question worth asking.An answer worth finding. It’s a question that we hear often and sense others thinking.  Obviously it’s question that has significant issues for us personally but that’s not often enough reason to ignore it.  We would love to chat more about this issue at a […]

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