God's Agenda
for Change

What does God say about change?

Part 1: We All Want Change

In this video Jeremy explores our desire to change as people and introduces what is distinctive about God’s agenda for change compared to other models. Change takes place where God meets our situation and heart struggle.

Jeremy is indebted to David Powlison’s ‘Dynamics of Biblical Change’ class for many of the insights in this video series.

Part 2: Personal Case Study

This video is the second in a series where Jeremy illustrates the 3 facets of ‘The Change Triangle’ (Situation, Heart & God) in relation to struggles as a parent. God produces real change in us when he meets us in the midst of our situation and heart struggle.

Part 3: James 1:1-18

In this third video in the series Jeremy illustrates the key dynamics at play—Situation, Heart and God—from James 1:1-18.

Part 4: Situation in Detail

In this video Jeremy expands the category of the situation in relation to experiences of suffering and blessing.

Part 5: 8 Facets of the Situation

In this video Jeremy picks up where he left off in part 4 by unpacking 8 facets of the situation from Scripture fitting broader under experiences of suffering and blessing.

Part 6: Heart in Detail

Jeremy explains and illustrates that the situation is the trigger for showing what is in our heart. Unless we recognise the problem in our own response to our struggles we’ll forever be blaming others or circumstances and unable to change.

Part 7: Heart Transformation

Having unpacked the dynamic of the heart Jeremy now explains God’s plan for the transformation of our hearts. In Jesus he offers us new responses where we’ve been stuck. God gives us change where it’s most needed.

Part 8: God in Detail

Jeremy starts unpacking how God meets us in our situational and heart struggle. God is both Refuge and Rescuer.

Part 9: God as Refuge & Rescuer

Having introduced God as our Refuge and Rescuer this video expands on how God meets us in these ways.

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