Here to Help

How Can We Help?

We’re really eager to engage with needs of the wider community as we’re able. Our 3 avenues of help are outlined below.

1. Practical Assistance

Across our church community we have people who are willing to help with providing meals, lawn mowing and yard maintenance, baby sitting and a range of other hands-on assistance. Get in touch with us and we’ll see how we’re able to help with the resources we have.

If you’re facing financial hardship we may be able to provide specific goods to help or link you up with local services who can.

2. Referral Pathways

If you’re in need of professional social services we may be able to help you link up according to your need. If you are experiencing depression, high levels of stress, anxiety, relational conflict, struggles with parenting, working through separation or divorce, issues of grief and loss, coping with pain, illness or disability or other challenges we can connect you with a trained counsellor who can help.

We have connections with various social services including Jericho Road, Anglicare, and other local counselling services. Such opportunities are available to all regardless of differences in culture, beliefs, lifestyle or stage of life. Care is tailored to couples, families, individual adults, children and teenagers, refugees or carers.

3. Understanding & Counsel

We all struggle with life at different points whether we’re facing isolation, loneliness, struggles in marriage, parenting or other relationships, experiences of grief and loss, feelings of inadequacy, being overwhelmed with life, wrestling with a bleak outlook of life, or facing issues of addiction. If you would benefit from a listening ear, the sense of being understood in your struggle and the possibility of biblical wisdom relevant to what you’re facing we’d love to get alongside you in this way.

Contact Jeremy

Jeremy oversees the help we provide into the local community. He’d love to hear from you in respect to the three avenues of help above. He’ll arrange meeting in a person to work out how we can best help you in your situation.

You can call him directly on 0417 062 919 or alternatively complete the form below.

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About Jeremy

Jeremy is married to Hayley and father of Heath (6), Rory (5) and Amber (1). He’s experienced some of life’s challenges firsthand. He’s wrestled with bouts of depression, conflict in marriage, struggles with parenting, tension in wider family dynamics. As well as receiving psychological help for a season he has some specific training in how the wisdom of the Bible applies to the daily mess of life. As one who knows some of life’s hardships Jeremy is compassionate towards what others go through. In the Bible God promises comfort in all our troubles, so that we can offer that same comfort to others (2 Cor. 1:3-4).

Jeremy’s training includes completing the Foundational Certificate in Biblical Counselling through the Christian Counseling and Education Foundation (CCEF) as well as a Master of Divinity through Sydney Missionary and Bible College (SMBC).