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Life Workshops

The various seasons of our personal and work lives present particular pressures and opportunities. It’s great to be able to walk through these seasons with others, consider input from those who have thought intently about them, and hear from others who have recently navigated through them. 

Our life workshops provide 3 x 90 minute sessions split throughout 2022 for those who are keen to consider some particular seasons of life:

Work – 

  • Looking for work  –  Next Session September 5

(Whether you’re starting out, reentering or considering a change) 

  • Pressures of work  Next Session September 12

(Those committed to their work but feeling busyness, strain or tensions)

  • Influence of work  Next Session September 19

(For those disillusioned with or wanting to consider the wider impact  and purpose of work)

Relationships –  

  • Friendships – Next Session October 10

(Considering how to develop, foster and sustain healthy friendships)

  • Marriage – Next Session October 17

(An opportunity for couples to enrich their marriage or consider marriage)

  • Extended Families – Next Session October 24

(Considering the complex web of wider family networks)

Parenting – 

  • 0-5year olds – Next Session August 1
  • 6-12 year olds – Next Session August 8
  • 13 + year olds   – Next Session August 15

Whilst you might be interested in multiple options per stream, attendance is limited to one option per stream  (ie you can only choose one option for work, relationships and parenting). This is to encourage participants to fully focus on one area.

Evening sessions will run from 7:30pm on Mondays.


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