Marriage Enrichment

Your marriage is one of the most central and formative relationships you'll ever have.

Few other friendships have the same potential to be as rewarding or influential in shaping the person you are and want to be. It makes sense to invest in your marriage. Like any other quality relationship marriage takes time, effort and commitment. Prepare-Enrich is a tool designed to strengthen marriages helping you identify current strengths and ways forward in growth areas.

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A 4-Week Marriage Enrichment Package

Jeremy is trained as a Prepare-Enrich facilitator. He works with couples from the The Joshua Tree church and the wider community in the Inner West. He offers a 4-session marriage enrichment package for couples. Participation involves an upfront payment of $150 which includes access to Prepare-Enrich and couples workbooks.

What is Prepare-Enrich?

Prepare-Enrich is a couples assessment that you can complete online to pinpoint your strength and growth areas as a couple. Your responses form the basis of feedback sessions with a facilitator. These are designed to help you speak openly and honestly about your relationship with the goal of building understanding and creating a stronger friendship going forward. During these feedback sessions facilitators guide you through exercises to develop to develop relationship skills.

Prepare-Enrich is based on scientific research. It has been used worldwide to help more than 2.5 million couples since it started in 1980. Its goal has always been to strengthen relationships by increasing self-awareness and understanding of your partner, to making hard conversations easier, to work through conflict, to bring couples closer together.

Prepare-Enrich is customised to your stage of life whether you are dating, engaged and living separated, engaged and living together, married, married with children or married for an extended period.

The Prepare-Enrich assessment helps you to:

  • Pinpoint particular strengths in your relationship and develop new ones
  • Build stronger communication skills
  • Uncover sources of stress and work towards resolving conflict
  • Look into the impact of families of origin
  • Talk openly about your finances
  • Create clear goals—personally, as a couple and as a family
  • Recognise and value personality differences.

You can explore more about Prepare-Enrich at

What is covered in the 4-week Marriage Enrichment package?

Here’s an outline of what to expect:

  • Week 1: Introduction & Assessment — What is Prepare-Enrich and how does it help? The nature of Jeremy’s role as facilitator is explained. Each couple completes the assessment independently.
  • Week 2: Strength & Growth Exercise & Broad Feedback — Jeremy will guide your through an exercise where you discuss your key strength and growth areas going forward. Jeremy will also provide some broad feedback and suggest a plan for weeks 3 and 4.
  • Week 3: Chosen Exercise #2 — Based on the couples assessment and discussion with you about what’s most helpful going forward.
  • Week 4: Chosen Exercise #3 — Based on the couples assessment and discussion with you about what’s most helpful going forward.

Beyond 4-Sessions (Optional)

Jeremy is also trained in biblical counselling and theology. Prepare-Enrich is not a Bible-based tool and you do not need to be living your life by biblical teaching to participate. Jeremy will work with you on the basis of your current beliefs and worldview. However, Jeremy does find God’s perspective on relationships very compelling and seeks to shape his own marriage by them. If you’d like to explore that with Jeremy you can choose to do that beyond the 4 marriage enrichment sessions.

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