Strengthening Your Marriage

A Podcast with Jeremy + Hayley

About the Podcast

Offering hope for marriages through COVID and beyond

How is your marriage following the impact of COVID-19?

External pressure usually moves us in one of two directions — either we grow stronger together and forge intimacy in tough times or we can grow apart as dysfunctional patterns are made worse.

In this new podcast series Jeremy and Hayley want to offer hope to all whether you’re marriage is barely holding together or whether your relationship has never felt as strong as it does now. This moment is an opportunity to move forward together with greater direction.

The Podcast Episodes

Listen to each episode listed below

Episode 1: Pressure = Opportunity

Episode 2: Rebuilding Shattered Dreams

Episode 2: Resources

Episode 3: Enabled to Live a New Reality

Episode 4: Restorative Love

Episode 5: Habits of Confession + Forgiveness

Episode 6: Sharing Personally (Part 1)

Episode 7: Sharing Personally (Part 2)

Episode 8: When Your Marriage Isn't Thriving (Part 1)

Episode 9: When Your Marriage Isn't Thriving (Part 2)

Episode 8+9: Resources

Ask Your Questions

Has the podcast raised any questions for you? Ask them here!

As the podcast series draws to a close Jeremy and Hayley would love to interact with questions that are on your heart. They’re planning to record an episode (or two!) dedicated to responding to your questions.

If you’d like to ask a question but remain anonymous simply enter your questions and leave the other fields blank.

About Jeremy + Hayley

Jeremy and Hayley have been part of the TJT family since 2015

Jeremy and Hayley moved to Sydney with the first child in 2015. They moved so Jeremy could study at Sydney Missionary & Bible College (SMBC) and found a home at The Joshua Tree. They were drawn to the small church community, the desire to share life together and the church’s outward focus.

Since then Jeremy’s completed his theological studies with SMBC. He’s also completed a Foundational Certificate in Biblical Counselling through the Christian Counseling and Educational Foundation (CCEF). He uses this training working part-time as Pastoral Counsellor as a shared resource between The Joshua Tree at Petersham and Ashfield Presbyterian Church. He also works as a graphic designer for Katoomba Christian Convention (KCC).

Hayley has a background in Occupational Therapy but has put that on hold while she devotes her time to raising their three kids: Heath, Rory and Amber.

Jeremy’s excited about opportunities to help strengthen marriages. If you’ve found the podcast helpful and think you might benefit from Jeremy’s pastoral counselling he’d love to hear from you. He’s available to meet face-to-face (in his counselling office), via Zoom video conferencing or over the phone.

Jeremy is also trained as a Prepare-Enrich facilitator.

Jeremy, Hayley and Family in the Garden

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