Support Services

Talk with us on our Open Sunday
16 May, 2021

Our Support Services

We offer a range of support for our local community

We offer the following support services for our community:

  1. Carer’s Support
  2. Bereavement Group
  3. Christian Counselling.

You can read more about these on our website by clicking the links above. But why not come along on our Open Sunday and chat to Danny and Jeremy about them?

Open Sunday is Sunday 16 May, 2021. To ensure you’re able to speak with Danny or Jeremy on the day, it would help us if you book a 15 minute window at a time below.

You can come from 9am and have a coffee or alternatively choose a window over lunch.

Book a Time

Let us know when you'd like to chat

If you’d like to chat about our Carer’s Support or Bereavement Group make a time to chat to Danny below using our booking calendar. Alternatively you might like to speak with Jeremy about our Christian Counselling.

Make sure you select Sunday 16 May, 2021 as the date for the booking! We look forward to meeting you!

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