Life Workshops

Life Workshops are an opportunity to focus in on a particular area of life with others. There are two modes for these workshops:

1) Reading Group -Personal reading over a couple of months, then an in person discussion with others who have also been reading the book. (May-July and/or (Aug-Oct).

For 2023 the reading texts will be:

Work – The Barefoot Disciple

Thinking through money, finances and decisions

Relationships – Mere Sexuality

Thinking through the Christian history of sexuality in light of our current culture

Parenting – Parenting:Gospel Principles

Thinking through a big picture view of God’s plan for parenting.

2) Online Workshop – Small bits of content that is then reflected on and discussed over a 90min Zoom chat. (Monday Nights 7:30-9pm May, August& Nov)

The content for online workshops will interact with current issues in that area.

Work –Discussing the purpose and pressures of work

Relationships – Discussing the aspects of relating in households, friendships, families

and neighbourhoods

Parenting – Discussing the principles and practicalities of parenting a range of ages

You can choose reading groups and/or online workshops.