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Here’s a little about who we are as God’s people. Keeping reading to learn about our leadership, our name and our history.

At The Joshua Tree our prayer is that more people will come to know Jesus and all who know Him would grow in their love and trust of Him. Our desire is to be a people daily and deliberately shaped by God’s Word and getting alongside each other in the various aspects of life. We are a people who want to take seriously Jesus invitation to follow Him and be a community where we are following Jesus together.

We would love to meet you and welcome others to follow Jesus together with us.

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Our Leadership

Our Name

Our History

The Joshua Tree | Petersham Presbyterian Church

Our Leadership

Danny Ford is an inner west native and husband of Helena and father of Micah, Isabelle, Barnabas and Reuben and lead pastor of the church. With degrees in theology and marketing Danny has served in a churches in various leadership capacities and is an ordained minister of the Presbyterian Church of Australia.

Danny is an approved church planter of The Geneva Push and been involved in Intensive training with the City To City Network. Danny completed a Bachelor of Theology at Moore College and an MA in Theology at Christ College. Danny has a passion for people to know, receive and love Jesus in Sydney and beyond.

Danny has a passion for people to know, receive and love Jesus in Sydney and beyond.

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Our Name

Joshua trees are made of thousands of small fibers each contributing it’s own unique role. Our vision is a church of diverse people united in following Jesus together. Joshua trees are suitable to survive the rigors of the desert and can live for hundreds of years, with their evergreen leaves and seasonal flowers, they seed new trees and provide refuge for fauna against the harsh arid conditions. Our prayer is for a new church in the inner west of Sydney showing and telling people the good news of Jesus in word and deed.

Joshua is the Hebrew form of Jesus and tree is often used as a reference to a cross. Jesus death on the cross is central to who we are and why we hope.

Our History

The group of locals who formed Petersham Presbyterian in 1880 had a vision beyond themselves for Jesus to be proclaimed. Petersham Presbyterian had a faithful witness to the local community until it ceased to exist 30 years ago. We are a group of people who seek to plant a new church that is not only a blessing to be in but a blessing beyond itself, until Jesus returns.