Want to experience personal renewal? Renewing Me is about God meeting us in the details of our life stories — in light of the sin and suffering that's shaped us.

About Renewing Me

Renewing Me follows God's story of the Exodus. Together we'll ask where have we been, where are we at now, and where God is taking us?

Sundays in January

After running Renewing Me in two formats during Oct–Nov 2019 we will be working through the teaching time on Sunday mornings in January 2020. Its a great time to be thinking about personal change as we begin the New Year.

Renewing Me is based on Mike Wilkerson's book, Redemption: Freed by Jesus from the Idols We Worship and the Wounds We Carry.

How Can I Prepare?

During the teaching times Jeremy will be referring to Mike Wilkerson’s book, Redemption: Freed by Jesus from the Idoals We Worship and the Wounds We Carry While it’s not essential to read you’ll benefit greatly from engaging with it firsthand. Here are a range of options for purchasing it:

Hard copy from Reformer’s Bookstore, Stanmore
Kindle edition from Amazon
Audiobook from Christian Audio

The reflection questions at the end of each chapter form the basis of a personal reflection journal we will use. The journal is a tool for translating what we learn into real change in everyday life.

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